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What is a Paperless Office and How a Document Management System Helps With the advancement of technology in almost every aspect of office work, there now is an unprecedented increase in the popularity of paperless offices. While the most salient or obvious benefit of going paperless is that you get to put in your share of preserving the environment, it also actually helps the entire office or company to limit or reduce overhead expenses. Likewise, there have been so many instances in the past wherein big companies find themselves as victims of corporate espionage and date thievery and the medium used to steal data is none other than paper and documents. If you happen to be running a small company, going paperless doesn’t mean immediately putting in the money and capital for a file management software. For the time being, you can actually do something to prepare the office and everyone in it for the bigger transition in the immediate future. Start by Scanning Old and Current Documents and Files
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The most convenient means of eliminating paper documents is to simply scan them and put them in archive. We bet you already have a scanner at your office that you can use to do this, but if you don’t, purchase one because it’s not really that expensive. Once you’re done with the scans, get help from your IT guys to upload those documents in secured and safe cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.
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Take Advantage of Paperless Faxing You can’t deny the fact that as a small and budding company, you may still be highly dependent on the old way of faxing documents. The reason is probably because as much as you want to use something better and newer, you still don’t have enough capital to use and spend. Good news though is that you can invest a little money on a multifunction printer that could convert fax messages to PDF file formats that in turn can be viewed in an email message. Therefore, you no longer have to add to that already mountainous file of paper at the office. Paperless Software Now once you’ve made that slow but sure elimination for the need of paper documents, then it’s time to shift into higher gear by planning the transition and incorporation of a document management system. Clearly, the first thing you’ll want to ask is what really is paperless software and how will it help your cause? By definition, this kind of system involves electronic filing cabinets designed for providing offices a comprehensive framework for the effective and convenient organization of both paper and digital documents and files. This particular system works by combining with other equipment and tools like scanners and local search engine, in the process providing employees and workers a faster and better way to access files and data without scouring through paper documents. The use of a modern paperless system promotes not just better security, but also cost-effectiveness and utmost productivity.